We specialize in distributed transaction processing
in adverse networking environments

We develop mobile applications that support complex business processes continuously at point-of-service, regardless of available network connectivity and without the need for stationary infrastructure.

Our technology tends to businesses which by their very nature depend on remotely operating units.

Our current customers are in transportation and rescue services.
The solutions we develop enable those businesses to operate truly independent of networking conditions and infrastructure at remote points-of-service.


Our solutions are based on our technology for mobile business transaction replication

It allows mobile operational units to have all required data at hand, anytime. When network connectivity is available, the mobile applications synchronize with the data center. This happens without the user noticing. Our technology enforces a coherent state of the data for all mobile units, consistent with headquarters. The locally available data allows for applications that minimize system response times (instant response to user interactions) and optimize local productivity.

All our software runs on cheap commodity hardware, at the request of our customers who want readily available drop-in replacements in case of hardware failure.

In the datacenter, we process business transactions instantaneously, as soon as they are received from the mobile units. This provides headquarters with an up-to-date view of all activities of the field units.


Our Team

  • Claus Fischer
  • Franz Fasching
  • Georg Hundegger
  • Rainer Sabelka


TXticket - A decentralized railway ticketing system

A software system for railway ticket sales and validation, suitable for online and offline operation in the train and on the web.

It integrates the sale of simple tickets, board products, season tickets, prepaid cards, and coupons/vouchers. All products can be sold, validated (used), and cancelled, and those operations can be performed on trains as well as on the web.

Each operation is replicated to a mobile database in each train.
Replication is near-instantaneous to prevent fraud and duplicate use of tickets. Offline operation on blind spots of the wireless coverage is possible, and users (customer service representatives) do not notice any difference between online and offline operation.

Cash and card payments are possible in trains. Each operation (sale, use, cancellation) of each ticket is recorded with detailed information about times, places (GPS) and persons involved, although the customer typically remains anonymous. Detailed information for accounting systems is produced, but can be consolidated according to the needs of the accounting departments.

Each ticket can be tracked before and after use; the amount of information visible to the ticket owner can be chosen.

The TXticket ticketing system is used by WESTbahn in daily operation.


EIS - Einsatzinformationsssytem der österreichischen Bergrettung

An information and data-entry system designed for distributed operation for the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service.

EIS offers a combination of online services and an offline-capable Windows client that works under many versions of Windows (Windows 2000 and upwards). The focus is on reliable operation of the client on the very diverse hardware in the private possession of the mountain rescue volunteer force.



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